People and tech build the next generation of security

The new face of security

The New Face of Security

Security is changing. Technologies and customer needs are evolving. Our industry will not be able to solve the challenges of the future with the tools of yesterday. Security no longer simply includes a lone security officer with a flashlight, nor the passive gaze of a security camera.

The security of the future is a combination of people, knowledge and technology. A combination of sensors, analytics and the knowledge of experienced Securitas employees on the sites. Security officers must work hand in hand with data scientists and statistic experts. Data is gathered everywhere and used to understand the past, the present and the future – guiding actions anywhere, anytime.

By bringing all this together, we can mitigate risks before they become threats, act in real time when needed, and always keep the customer engaged in what’s going on. This is the new reality we are facing.

We call it the new face of security.

The Six Pillars of Future Security

The new face of security is built on six pillars with people as the crucial cornerstone. Everything we do starts with these six pillars, this is how we evaluate where to invest and what guides us every day.

Everything starts with the human touch because people are and will always be at the center of all security delivery. People with experience and judgement that can interpret data and most importantly, understand the needs of the customer.

pentagon Predictive Prevention Analytics Real Time Adaptiveness Evolved Value Invisible / Visible

  • Predictive Prevention

    Security will move from reacting to immediate threats to focus on preventing incidents from happening in the first place. This changes the security game completely: from business models focused on results instead of charging for man hours, to new skills like data gathering and analytics as well as new technology in the field. Making sure nothing happens require a great deal of work and skill!

  • Analytics

    Security will be powered by vast amounts of data that is constantly gathered from multiple sources - from security officers, cameras and even pressure sensitive carpets. Analytics is the tool we use to make sense of this torrent of data so that we can monitor ongoing threats, draw conclusions about future events and to prevent things from happening in the first place.

  • Real Time Adaptiveness

    Security is no longer static – like a single security officer at a single site. Instead, security delivery will adapt in real time to deliver exactly the right solution, at the right time, increasing efficiencies across the board. Built on remote monitoring, mobile units and real-time data, this is good for everyone, except for the bad guys.

  • Evolved Value

    Security should no longer be a topic only for the security manager. With sensors, cameras and analytics in place, enterprises can use their security solutions to understand the movements of crowds, the behavior of customers and draw conclusions on how to optimize their business.

  • Invisible / Visible

    Security used to be somewhat of a black box. If something happened, you had to read about it in the weekly report. But now, through digital interfaces, security is becoming much more transparent, so that the customer knows what is happening in real time. At the same time, security is becoming invisible for the people it protects through cameras and sensors, decreasing the physical presence of security officers.